Monday, August 30, 2010

Projector Lamps

Projector lamps are used as the light source in projecting devices. For example; a movie projector is a device for displaying moving pictures, and this is achieved by projecting them onto a large screen which is usually set at some given distance from the movie projector. These types of projectors are known as opto-mechanical devices.

There are many different types of devices and projectors about today and most of them will usually require some type of light source.

The size and shape of projector lamps and bulbs vary enormously due to the huge range and types of projecting equipment that is available in the market today. A bulb that is suited to the old type movie projector, will be very different from the lamp or lamps that are required to fit into a rear projection television, and will function in a very different way.

There are many different types of Projector Lamps available and some of these will include:



· Projection cubes

· Interactive whiteboards & rear projection TV bulbs

The lamps may be installed by a specialist or in many cases installed by the projector owner or operator. To install a lamp or bulb always make sure the screws or bolts of the terminals are not too tight as theses can break the ceramic part and damage the isolation of the lamp. However if they are not tight enough, they can cause too big a charge on the ballast causing it to break.

Always make sure the bulb is well housed in its cartridge. There may be a tendency to stop at the first sign of resistance. Continue applying pressure on the base of the bulb until it is well fixed within the cartridge.

Projector lamp terminology can be a bit confusing. Here are a few terms explained;

Lamp modules: are made up of two elements; the lamp or bulb and the cage or housing which includes an electrical connector.

Lamps: are high performance lights

Original lamps: are developed by the original lamp developer

Compatible lamps: are lamps that are not the same type as the original lamp.

Copy lamps: are lamps produced by unregulated manufacturing companies.

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